Who We Are:

A coalition of activists, both amateur and professional, with strong backing from The Solutions Institute and the support of many former members of Restore the Fourth.


About Us:

Project Digital Privacy was founded as a result of increased social activism in regards to government surveillance, especially in the online age. Technology and global communication has reached a steady rate of advancement, with new forms of communicative devices and concepts being formed every day. As such, it is in the best interest of both citizens of the United States and the world to keep it from becoming corrupted in any manner — to preserve the powerful and ever evolving nature of these advancements. We are an organization that is dedicated to non-violently ending warrantless digital surveillance at the local level.

What We Believe In:

We strongly believe that every person values the natural rights bestowed upon them — one of which being security and privacy, both in person and in effects. Those who are aware of the issue of warrantless surveillance are concerned, but must be moved to take action, and those who are not aware must be informed initially.


What Is Unique About PDP?

We are offering a chance to make a difference at home. Whereas other civil liberties organizations focus on a large, nationwide level, we provide the quality of working within communities and towns to stop warrantless surveillance at its roots. 


Partner Organizations

PANDA: A movement dedicated to resisting the indefinite detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA. Join them at pandaunite.org


Partner Organizations

The Solutions Institute: Expert help. People-based solutions. Out of the box thinking. We help make changing your world a reality. Join them at solutions-institute.org

Partner Organizations

The Intolerable Acts Action Center: Defenders of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Join them at theintolerableacts.org